If you’ve spent a lot of money on a new asphalt driveway, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. If the asphalt driveway was laid and designed by a reputable residential paving company, you can expect it to last for at least two to three decades. 

Your asphalt driveway will last longer and look better if you maintain it regularly. Your driveway’s exposure to the outdoors, the kind of vehicles that typically use it, and the amount of traffic it receives all have a role in the amount of upkeep that is required. 

We’re going to go over some of the essentials of driveway paving with you today. 

Replace Your Driveway When It’s Decreased in Value 

Every driveway will eventually succumb to the elements. In addition to being incredibly unattractive to look at, they are a safety hazard whenever they occur. Your driveway’s lifespan can be extended by performing routine maintenance every two to three years. However, you will eventually have to get rid of it and buy a new one. 

An Asphalt Driveway’s Expected Service Life 

Asphalt driveways have varying lifespans, depending on several common causes.  

  • Maintenance Frequency  
  • Installation and design quality  
  • The presence of groundwater and moisture?in the base and soil  
  • Soil geology are all included here 

When it comes to driveways, several factors can influence how much variation there is. Re-freezing and defrosting food frequently shorten its life expectancy. If other forms of support and geological factors are included, this becomes even more apparent. 

Asphalt is particularly vulnerable in areas with cold climates. In the spring and early fall, asphalt resurfacing and repairs are most commonly done. This will assist you to avoid more serious problems in the future. 

When to Resurface and When to Fix 

In other words, your asphalt driveway’s structural integrity will be compromised. The most obvious cause of this is the constant use. If you find a crack, get it mended as soon as possible. The driveway’s condition will last a long time. As a result, to ensure the quality of the work, you should only get it done by a competent asphalt repair business. 

Resurfacing a driveway becomes necessary when 30 to 40 percent of the asphalt surface has degenerated to alligator cracks, which are fractures in the asphalt that form a scale pattern. If you resurface the asphalt, you can add a new layer of asphalt 2 to 3 inches deep. Using this technique, you can extend the life of your parking lot by 8 to 10 years. 

Symptoms of a Failing Driveway 

  • Your driveway may need to be replaced if it has big?potholes, cracks, gouges, or other large-scale damage. 
  • If you’ve resealed it and noticed that it soon loses its shine, you may have passed the point of resealing. If your driveway has a dull appearance, it is probably past its prime. • Gouges, cracks, and other damages are occurring more frequently than they used to. There’s a good chance it’s time to replace your driveway if you keep finding new cracks after you repair it.